Where is African china, that sang Mr President lead us well, Mr governor govern us well,  Mr senator senate us well we don’t know oh police well well them no they take bribe.? 
Where is Idris adulcarim that sang Nigeria jaga jaga, everything scatter scatter, poor man day suffer suffer gbosa gbosa gun shots Inna the air..?  
I still remember that part he said… Armed rubber came to your house, them no take money them no rape your wife, went straight to your bed side gbosa six feet deam you down. Which armed rubber no want money?  Which armed rubber no want jolly?  Na political armed rubber na it be that and na Watin day kill Nigeria oh….  And the song goes on and on. 
Looking at the country today so many questions will pop out of your mind. An average citizen of Nigeria is a critical thinking being, why? because of the circumstances surrounding us that has made all of use emergency philosophers. 

Where did we get it wrong as a country? How do we make a right out of this wrongs. But come to think of it the problem never started today. It has been there even before and after the independence of our dear nation called Nigeria. 
What would have prompted  African china and Idris abdulcarim  to sing such song as at then?  May be food was in abundance or the president was paying every citizen 10k every month, perhaps all the roads in South east and all other part of the country where in good condition, yes there where no Boko Haram, IPOB, nigger delta pipeline vandalizes , Ariwa youths and there was content supply of electricity, definitely dollar was 1 naira to a dollar.  The answer is no non of these where on the positive side. 

Definitely the country was as bad as it looks but many will say, “it’s was not as bad as this “, it’s a lie, it’s the same thing.
Don’t get it twisted am not a fan of buhari or an apc supporter,  infact let me state it categorically hear that in as much as I love politics am yet to chose a political party that has my focus in politics. 
The truth is that things has been bad, things are bad and things will be bad if we don’t make a change. I know calling change now many will say not apc change. Yes not apc change but can we make a difference,?  I bet to be distinguished from the rest. 
Politics is a dirty game yes because the clean persons left it for the dirty individuals to play so the dirty individuals made it dirty. Can the clean individuals come out and make this most prestigious game call politics clean and enviable? It time we come out and make a difference. 
What are our social activist doing? Why has no musician or public figure raised a voice against the government regarding this endless killing and destruction going on in the country? 
I am yet to hear a song from Olamide, phyno, Falz, simi, reekado, Harrison,  wizkid, devido, and a host of others singing and sending their messages to the government concerning the hardship faced by citizens.  It is not just saying 30 billion in your account. 
Early this year 2face idibia planned going on a peaceful protest with an aim of raising a voice against this government that have changed our country. But critiques could not let him continue with the protest., alot of dust were raised  which letter made him cancel that protest. Even otumba of dream FM 92.5 Enugu in one Nigeria other wise called ngwon gwo parliament stated it categorically that who knows the kind of beating and harassment 2face and his family must have faced that led him to cancel the proposed peaceful protest and even idris abdulcarim had to confirm it in his instagram post where he called 2face a fool and a stupid idiot that got his pound of flesh for putting his hands in a protest that dose not concern him. Can you imagine what a one time Human Rights activist is saying to someone that wants to toe his lane?
#ourmumudondo chali boy had to take it off from there, with an aim of pin pointing  those wrongs the government are making claiming to be right, then what did he get beating from law enforcement agencies and gas torture that almost cost him his life,. So in this country you don’t have to say anything? He only asked a question or a demand which is #resumeorresign.  Now the president is  back have you seen chali boy shout resume or resign again?  No
why can’t other celebrities join in fighting corrupt practice by the government but hiding under the immunity clause. 
Thank God for the constitutional amendment in the age bracket  before    eligibility for electoral positions but I believe it’s not Enough.
I stand for not too young to run.  Lets sweep this dirty politicians off this game and keep clean politicians. 
my name is king  Igri Godwin and this is my opinion

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