This is the first of its kind in the history of ebonyi state university students to come out in mass to stop injustice….
According to our reporter:
Joe peters: The student of ebonyi state university ebsu presently on a peaceful protest against the S.U.G election result declared on Friday last week, which they bluntly refuse to accept the president elect Com. Egbe Collins, the student match from the college of agricultural science (CAS) to the government house in great figure on agitation to see the governor over there petition… They have been in the ebonyi state government house for the past 2hour after they have been addressed by the SA to the governor on student affairs, but they refuse to leave saying they want to see the governor… The SA’s advice the student to follow due process in getting their voice heard by the academy board also said that coming to the ebonyi state government house was the wrong place to come for the protest.. The leader of the protest Com. Agu Daniel, urge the students not to relent on there pursuit for justice. For what it counts for the present S.U.G president confronted the protester trying to stop the movement he made some alterations that got the student protester Angry but base on the peaceful nature of their protest the leader caution Everybody protesting to be meek… The student concluded to live after 4hours of waiting for the governor.
Writer…. Joe peters

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