043xclusive Awards 2016 voting poll


(Note: There will be live voting at the Award Night on 9th December, 2016 @Brifina Garden)

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    • You can download whatsoever you want to download.
      this is an entertainment site, you are free to download songs,videos and read latest gists
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  1. Yungdon is a bomb…. Ebonyi no1 badh ass rapper….. I really appreciate him cos his line sends lot of messages…. I vote him

  2. Music addict…. Thanks for voting…..
    Let’s take it to next level…..
    Share and broadcast
    Xo your friends can vote for me

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  3. X1 is the bomb… Best producer of the year goes to him…. Among the specials BOSSes… X1 is fuvkin unique. Muchlovebro

    • As about national identity, I don't agree national identity is defined by citizenship only. I think it is a mutci-faltor thing; from the sense of humour to one's cultural and social references, from the way people greet each other to the hierarchy of main values etc etc.

    • Öröm az ilyesféle jó hangulatú pár sort is elolvasni.Én reggel azért igenis vigyáznék a revsl-etéesek, ámbár lehet, hogy ez csak bizonyos kor után érvényes

  4. I vote for
    DJ Jadon – the best DJ of the year
    M.C ABY – the best Comedian of year
    Danny kay – the best singer of the year
    CJ classic – the best producer of the year
    Wiffer – the best rapper the year
    and Kingzil ft Comedian One on one -Confam – the best collaboration of the year.

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  5. Best rapper 4 muah this year is wiffer. Brother u dey chop mic. Next year is gonna be T.swagz. 043 must know they’ve got Talent when the street gets underground by the hardcore levels from T.swagz. Blaaah.

  6. I vote for (DJ Jadon, M.C ABY, Danny kay, CJ classic, Wiffer and Kingzil ft Comedian One on one -Confam)

    They’re the best of the year.

  7. ! Coach Pete!! You gotta be kidding me! Don7182#&;t forget us waterboys, we are carrying buckets of prayer for you! When you get better the first round of golf is on me.Keep trustring in HIM, The guys.


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