it’s time to think out of the box. King Igri Godwin who was the first king ebonyi State College of education IKWO call on citizens to embrace peace. 

These were his words 

Listen friends and fans so many of you are scattered round shouting IPOB AND BIAFRA  but you don’t know what we are passing through right now… 
I refused to like or say anything about biafra lately because after looking at it closely I saw nothing inside only an empty hole filled with promisees, a wove in a chips clothes.
Think about this,  how many government officials are there up in the SENATES or house of representatives talking and agitating in support for the IPOB, which of the governor has come out openly to declare IPOB?, none. 
Back in the days before the independence of Nigeria, the people that fought  for the freedom of this country where almost all in government representing and speaking on behalf of the masses, but this case is different for IPOB. 
I discovered that almost all the people fighting and agitating for this biafra are 75% illiterates who doesn’t have an average educational qualification of at least ssce or bsc. Now I ask if biafra is achieved in this 21st century where will their faith fall,  what will be their position in the biafra government knowing too well the policies of derived law? 

Are they not going back to political instruments for the educated that will still kill for power in the biafra land?  oh what a wasted effort.
RevFather Ejike Mbaka said in the news that “no Enugu Man will Allow and Anambra Man to rule over him as a president ” .can you imagine the biafrans don’t even love themselves yet a group of people are agitating for power claiming it’s for the greater good of all. 
If the so claimed love exists why don’t we have only IPOB as the only group fighting for the emancipation of the biafra land?  Instead MASSOB sprang up,  BIM,  OHANAEZE YOUTHS, and so much others claiming to fight for the same greater good of biafra.  Have you not read that a house that is divided among itself can never stand. 
During the freedom fight in South Africa that made Nelson Mandela a legend that so many youth wish to be like,  so many people died for the freedom to come through and after spending 25 years or more in the prison, Nelson Mandela was released and was made the president. 
Come to think of it, before he went to prison people died,  all those years in prison people died. 

Now how many of us remembers or knows the names of those that died during the fight?  none is the answer. They are all forgotten and they never enjoyed the freedom fought for. 
Also think about this during Nigerians biafrans civil war alot of people died yet the purpose  of the war was not achieved yet people are still conversing for war. 
And I discovered that not even up-to 15% of people agitating for this war were born during the civil war that has an experience which my grand mum will never want remembering no matter how hard I press her to tell me how those days were…. 
Pls if you are in London, USA, Russia,.Italy any where in this world and you are busy posting on social media how busy you are for Nigerian Army if they refuse to grant biafra, pls it’s time to come not just in Nigeria but come to umuahia in abia State because the Nigerian Army you were talking of are already hear waiting for you in Nnamdi kanus house. 
As I write this Nnamdi kanu has already lost 7 men of the biafra security services in umuahia. 

The shooting has turned from just scaring people by shooting up to shooting people directly. 
My friend nearly lost his life today in Aba because of this unstrupolus  activities. You can imagine how many people have lost their lives to this and  how many will still lose. 
It’s obvious that the government of pmb is questionable so all other past and feature government will be subject to question. But to my line of thinking I believe if  all this mushroom agitators can come together and join forces with the southeast government and fight for restructuring and constitutional amendment  it will of greater benefits to all of us. 
Why fight.
From the words of prof.  Yemi osibanjo “we are better together than Divided “.

Imagine a biafra nation without an aboki to sale soya in the evening, sweet by the road side on your way to church on Sunday, no aboki to help you with your foot wear while stranded on your way to birthday party, who will amend that cloth for you when it’s over sided at a chip rate.  Come on let’s stop this. 

pls the guns am hearing are not worthwhile am too young to die….. 
I tell you even if Nnamdi kanu is given the chance to be the president of this country he will still do the same thing buhari did by giving everything to the South easterners.  
let’s think of it…. war is not the answer, we can dialogue and sort things out 
Peyton dance declared in all the south eastern stayed now we are not sleeping with all our eyes closed,. why now.? is that the solution; 
president buhari I believe you should have a second thought because innocent people are going to suffer or even die. 
southeast governors is there nothing you can do to at least help the lives of the innocent once? 

Ebonyi State governor and chairman south east governors forum engraved. Dave Nwaeze Umuahia is there nothing you can do? 
what is the hope of the innocent citizens. 
PROF. osibanjo can’t you talk to your boss for a way out pls………. knowing too well if we all die you will not have anyone to govern with reference to 2face idibia song titled only me
Nigerians let’s think and stop fighting ourselves for power let’s think of entrepreneurship and occupy our minds with things worthwhile Like to create new things. 
my name is Igri Godwin Ibor and this is my opinion

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